I work as a fine art painter based in the north west of the United Kingdom in the coastal town of Southport.

My paintings are non-figurative but laden with representational sources and references related to memories of locations and events. Such memories are of being in places and memories of experiences. I am inspired by the light, shadow, colours and textures of landscape and in particular coastal horizons and skies. I also gain motivation and impetus from literature and music which enrich and heighten my understanding of composition and expression. Living on the coast I take the opportunity to take daily walks throughout the year along the coastline landscape.  Walking through a familiar landscape at different times of the day or year – in brilliant summer sunlight, or on a dark grey afternoon you don’t always take the same route, you come upon familiar things from a different angle, you see them in a new setting. Painting for me, is like taking a walk, you never know quite which way you’re going to go or what you’ll find yourself focusing on. The paintings I make are there to be experienced, they are in themselves events expressed through the gestures and physical act of painting. They are responses to what is seen and heard and they will be perceived by the onlooker's feelings, background and temperament.

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The 'gallery' tab will open up several themed galleries which contextualise the paintings.  In the galleries you will see examples of work produced between 2000 to present day.

I am an associate of Cross Street Arts @

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United Kingdom
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If you have an interest in any of the artworks please feel invited to contact me through my e-mail address: frankbarnesartist@gmail.com

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Most recent work...
"BROOMHILL POND 2 - colour study "